Tri-Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition

Caer Galen

March 24, 2012, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church and School

6995 West 120th Avenue, Broomfield, CO 80020-2365

Site is Dry,

Site Fees:

  • $7 for adults 17 and above
  • $5 for children 6 to 16,
  • children under 6 free)
  • $20 family max.
  • $5 non-member surcharge applies.

Please make checks payable to SCA - Caer Galen

Come join us in a fun day of arts and sciences in the Barony of Caer Galen. The day will include a fun competition for all that will decide the A&S champions for the Baronies of Caerthe, Caer Galen, and Unser Hafen. Don’t worry if you don’t live in one of these three baronies because everyone is eligible to compete to win each of the division categories. Please send registrations for the competition and displays to the ThL Mirabel by the 18th of March, see info under event stewards below. For all registrations include the following: SCA and mundane name, type of entry, local group, and contact information. Entrants entering research papers are required to also submit there papers to THL Mirabel by the 18th of March for distribution to judges before the event. Anyone interested in judging please contact Lady Cera, her information is also below.

A Message from Her Excellency Jeanne-Marie to the Laurels

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Event Stewards:

Cera ingen Rónáin (mka Audrey Wilvert) 303-883-1743

Mirabel de Malmesberie (mka Megan Lambert): 37 Reed Pl, Longmont CO 80504 (303) 746-4805,


From Denver and areas south:

Take your best route to I-25 Northbound. Take exit 217 on the left to merge onto US-36W toward Boulder. Go 6.9 miles, take the 104th Ave./Church Ranch Blvd. exit. Turn right onto W 104th Ave. Take the first left onto Westminster Blvd. W, this turns into Main Street. Go about 2 miles. Turn left onto W. 120th Ave. Beautiful Savior is on the right hand side.

From Boulder:

Take US-36E to the CO-121/US-287/Broomfield exit. Turn left at the light at the top of the ramp. Turn right onto W. Midway Blvd. Go 1 mile and turn right onto Main Street. Go 0.7 miles and turn right onto W. 120th Ave. Beautiful Savior is on the right hand side.

From Longmont:

Take US-287S to Broomfield. Turn left onto W. Midway Blvd. Go 1 mile and turn right onto Main Street. Go 0.7 miles and turn right onto W. 120th Ave. Beautiful Savior is on the right hand side.

From Ft. Collins and areas north via I-25:

Take your best route to I-25 southbound. Take exit 223 to merge onto CO-128W / W. 120th Ave. Stay on W. 120th Ave. for about 4.7 miles. Beautiful Savior is on the right hand side.

Competition Details:

Cutoff date for Competition Registration: March 18

Please contact Lady Mirabel ( to register.

Each Barony will award individual champions. Please see the Competition rules click here for more information. There will also be awards for each entry with the highest score in each division. To encourage participation from out side the Baronies of Caerthe, Unser Hafen, and Caer Galen, a special prize will also be given for the highest score by an entrant from any of the Outlands many shires.


I. Visual Art

II. Fiber Art,

III. Domestic Arts and Sciences,

IV. Performing Arts,

V. Letters,

VI. Functional Art,

VII. Inspired by SCA Life

Category VII. Inspired by SCA Life is a new category being used for TriBaronial A&S to encourage people to enter items that may not fit as well in other categories but have been inspired by activities in the SCA.

Blackthorn Bardic Competition:

The Barony of Caerthe will be holding a competition to find their new Blackthorn Bard.


Tri-Baronial A & S is not only a great opportunity to share our Baronies' great works, but our knowledge as well!

We are looking for teachers for this great event. Both experienced and new teachers are welcome! If you are interested, please contact Her Excellency Kaliyan Kali directly, or by cell 720-212-9312, to discuss any details or requirements you may need for your class.

Further details about the class schedule will be forthcoming as the schedule is determined.


His Excellency Master Massimiliano Pontieri dal Sasso, Baron Caer Galen, has graciously offered a prize for the best display.

There will be three display areas, or three sections of the display area: the Laurel Display where Masters and Mistresses or the arts and sciences are encouraged to display their work for the edification and admiration of the baronies, the General Display for anyone else who wishes to display their work without entering it into competition, and the Scroll Display where each person who attends the event is encouraged to bring a favorite or notable scroll that they have received in the past so that it can be viewed by the gathering.

Laurel and General Displays

We entreat artisans who have documented projects (whether from previous competitions, or being prepared for future competitions) to bring them to display along with the documentation.

Incomplete projects are welcome in both the Laurel and General areas, especially where techniques or materials will be hidden in the finished product. (As in bookbinding, for example.)

Projects without full docs should have at least a 3x5 card with creator's name, some contact info, approx date of creation and some minimal info about the materials or techniques viewers should pay attention to. More info is better than less, within reason (references or URLs that people can chase are always appreciated, too). If an artisan is a student or apprentice, it may be polite to mention his or her Master or Mistress on the card.

Note paper and pencils will available for people who want to take notes about any of the displays for future reference.

Scroll Display

For the Scroll Display: everyone attending the event is encouraged to bring their favorite scroll to show off. Please include at least a 3x5 with: recipient's name, artist(s) if known, approx date of creation or when the scroll was presented, what the scroll was for (especially if it is not in English).

There will be an area for people who receive scrolls at the event to put them on display. (They don't need 3x5 cards, of course, that's what the Heralds are for). We may need to coordinate space with Their Excellencies and Their Majesties for this, especially if there are any awards planned that may involve very large 'scrolls'

There will be at least one magnifying glass available in the scroll display area.

Display InstructionsIf possible, people who plan to take part in any of the displays should contact the coordinator, Lady Yildiz the Traveler, with info about the size of the space they will require (we will try to include some extra space for spur of the moment displays, but anyone displaying large projects should definitely warn us ahead of time).

Any one who will bring special display equipment (e.g. racks, dressmaker's dummies) or things like furniture that need floor space instead of table space should definitely contact the coordinator ahead of time.

People who display projects will receive small tokens of appreciation (probably small candles) for their assistance in enlightening the Kingdom.

Yildiz the Traveler

Special Awards

The Ministry of Arts and Sciences of Caer Galen has been publicizing two special awards for which both displays and competition entries will be eligible:

The Monkey Festival

A prize for items that look to the past more for inspiration than strict authenticity

The Busy Monkey

A prize for projects that are displayed in an incomplete state, particularly where the incompleteness reveals details of materials and workmanship that would be obscured in the finished piece.

These prizes will be given by the Ministry in consultation with their Excellencies.


9:00 Site Opens
9:30 Court (or at their Excellencies Whim)
After court Judging Begins
11:00- 12:00 Classes
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:00 Classes
1:30 Performance Entries followed by Blackthorn Bardic Competition
3:00 Judging Ends
4:00 Court (or at their Excellencies Whim)
5:00 Site Closes

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