A Message from Her Excellency Jeanne-Marie to the Laurels

To all the Laurels in the Northern Outlands, as we gather for the first Tri-Baronial Arts and Sciences, it has been suggest that we bring our latest project for display. The display of our arts would serve several purposes.

  • To inspire, as many see our works and feel that burn for creation of their own.
  • To stimulate discussion, we all have different angles and resources and seeing what others are working on and research can help develop connections
  • Last to share, we all learn lessons as we create and we can share the experiences we have discovered in making our current project.

Hope to see a good turn out from the diverse arts that are undertaken by the Laurels in Caerthe, Caer Galen and Unser Hafen.

Mistress Jeanne-Marie Dubois

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