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UNIX (31 years) all flavors, Linux (19 years), Windows 3.x/95/NT/2000/XP/..., DOS, OS/2


Perl, C, C++, Bourne, Korn, C Shell, PASCAL, Java (J2EE), ant, make, python,JavaScript, ruby, groovy


ClearCase (Base and UCM), MultiSite, ClearDDTS, ClearQuest, Hudson/Jenkins, Perforce, JIRA, Confluence, Crucible, Bamboo, Stash, Crowd, git ICManage, Visual SourceSafe, Subversion, UCMDB, SoDA, Anthill Pro, Requisite Pro, Rose, SGML/HTML/XML, X.25, ISDN, uucp, TCP/IP, STARLAN, X Window System, SAMBA, ISO/OSI, SQL, Accurev, InstallShield, RUP, Build Forge, Rational Test Suite, Rational Application Manager, CGI, Apache, Qmail, PVCS Tracker, Electric Cloud (Commander/Accelerator, Flow), eclipse, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Docjet, Doxygen, Subversion, Perforce Helix, IC Manage, GitLab, WebSphere, WebLogic, MS IIS, Tomcat, NGINX


ReleaseTEAM, Inc. Westminster, CO
Senior Consultant & CTO August 2000 - Present

Consultant to Electric Cloud (4/2016 - )Assisted Electric Cloud services team implementing Scottrade Deployment procedures in Flow. Worked on Scripting, testing and troubleshooting to migrate manual deployment and update processes for more than 100 projects into the Electric Flow architecture specified by Electric Flow project leads. Added to architecture where necessary.

Consultant to WGU (4/2015-5/2015, 8/2015 – 4/2016) JIRA migration and upgrade and customization, connection of JIRA and Confluence to Salesforce, design and implementation of automated workflow with many types of sub-tasks

Consultant to CallidusCloud (12/2015-1/2016) Migration of source code from Synergy to GitLab.

Consultant to AORN (7/2015 – 8/2015) Atlassian tools installation and configuration, customization: JIRA, Crowd, Confluence, Crucible, Bamboo, Stash

Consultant to Thales (6/2015) Installation of Atlassian tools and customization of JIRA to match previous ClearQuest setup

Consultant to L3 (7-2015) ClearCase OS upgrade and licensing strangeness

Consultant to Neuropace (3/2015 and 5/2015-7/2015) ClearQuest migration and upgrade

Miscellaneous Installation and Upgrade Clients (9/2014 -- 2/2015) Short assignments for Installations and upgrades, mostly of the various IBM tools

Consultant to Raytheon (6/2013 - 8/2014): Updated documentation for ClearCase usage and automated builds. Provided audit tools and raw data and formatted reports on various interactions among built software components. Created and maintained Hudson/Jenkins jobs for module builds and performed, monitored and documented official production builds.

Consultant to Northrop Grumman (9/2012 - 5/2013): Assisted in preparations and upgrade of assorted environments to ClearCase, including analysis of environment, creation and testing of installation wrapper scripts, and extensive documentation of the upgrade process. Assisted in testing and documenting proposed ClearQuest schema and developed custom wrapper script for ClearQuest/ClearCase integration trigger. Upgraded vobs and enabled new evil twin prevention feature. Migrated ClearCase servers to FLEX licensing paradigm and set up procedures for migration of clients.

Consultant to Broadcom (1/2011 - 9/2012): Assisted in pilot projects for HCM and SCM tool comparisons with the goal of migrating projects using various inhouse tools with different backends to a common set of support tools. Set up and operated demos and evaluation environments for tools built on Subversion and Perforce, including ICManage and the Perforce 2011.1 streams and sandbox betas. Assisted in source code analysis and definition of ICM modular structure. Created script suite and performed production data migrations from CVS through perforce to ICManage. Created scripts to support production use of complex ICManage environments by commandline users.

Consultant to Broadcom (1/2010 - 12/2010): In multiple projects, developed Electric Commander automated builds based on pre-existing build processes. Features included: dynamically generated build steps supporting varying numbers of parallel build in a single automated procedure, reuse of existing in-house build tools and scripts, both scheduled and ad hoc builds, interfaces to LSF, and dynamic selection of remote platforms for sanity testing.. Automated a Docjet build process that had been a serious bottleneck and migrated the automated documentation generation to Doxygen with a custom translation layer so source files did not need to be modified. Provided multiple projects with UIs with cascading menus and supporting complex field interdependencies using Electric Commander's new GWT-based menuing plugin technology, including providing frontends for existing admin scripts so they could be used by regular users via EC, reducing load on SCM admins.

Consultant to LMCO (6/2009-9/2009) Developed two ClearQuest schema options for migration from Rational DDTS, with associated migration and utility scripts. Provided limited mentoring and troubleshooting for ClearCase.

Consultant to Kingsway Financial (2009): Prepared for migration of existing Rational tools implementations to a new consolidated environment with a new, common ClearQuest schema. Completed implementation of schema and hook code to meet requirements, configured and administered tools and environments for UAT. Provided additional custom documentation for migration and for administration of Rational Tools.

Competitive Analysis for Electric Cloud 1/2009: Performed validity check for product comparisons of BuildForge and Electric Commander in new marketing materials

Project Lead, ReleaseTEAM ClearConn 2.5 Development (8/2008-1/2009)

Consultant to StateStreet Bank(2008): provided customization scripts and ClearCase and ClearQuest administrative support for migration of engineering groups from other tool sets to company standard UCM environments.

Developed CGI applications for ReleaseTEAM website

Consultant to LGS: provided ClearCase and MultiSite administrative support and troubleshooting.

Consultant to StateStreet Bank (2007): provided ClearCase and ClearQuest UCM administrative support and customization scripts.

Consultant to Cadence (2007): provided updates and customizations of the ClearQuest schema and command line applications capable of accessing and updating records in the ClearQuest database.

Consultant to StateStreet Bank (2006): Implemented and tested ClearQuest schema enhancements and provided scripts automating some ClearQuest administrative and reporting functions. Provided assistance in dealing with UCM Multisite coordination and throughput problems and in investigating and improving some problems with ClearQuest performance.

Consultant to Cadence: Produced proof-of-concept scripts to demonstrate that command line interfaces for a legacy tool could be emulated for use with ClearQuest. Developed design details for and implemented a custom ClearQuest schema intended to be compatible with the legacy tool (and support live exchanges of data with the legacy tool) while providing additional features and functions not previously available and doing it all with acceptable performance.

Consultant to Digital Insight: Translation of existing monolithic build scripts to modular Buildforge implementations.

Consultant to Windriver: Provided a customized version of the ReleaseTeam ClearConn ClearQuest/Clearcase integration product with full UNIX support and many special features requested by Windriver.

Consultant to New Mexico Dept. of Labor: Provided ClearCase/ClearQuest UCM mentoring and configuration recommendations and assistance. Produced diff analysis between old and new project source trees. Developed some preliminary Build automation procedures.

Consultant to StateStreet Bank (2004-2005): Created and enhanced scripts for ClearCase customization and automation of ClearCase Adminstration. Developed and tested procedures for consolidation of existing diverse ClearQuest databases into a common database and schema. Provided advice and assistance in dealing with UCM administration problems.

Consultant to United Defense LP: Provided an impact analysis for a proposed integration of a number of tools including ClearCase, ClearQuest (both MultiSited) Rose, DOORS, and CMS IDE. Performed development of a custom ClearQuest schema emulating and extending the workflow patterns supported by CMS IDE and supporting live synching of compatible records types between the two systems, with intermediate data stored in XML. ClearCase customization and trigger scripts. Also, provided general advice and mentoring to variousgroups installing, configuring and troubleshooting ClearCase, ClearQuest and the associated MultiSite packages.

Special development project for Airvana: Provided ClearQuest customizations and external perl scripts to provide ongoing synchronization between records in a ClearQuest database and corresponding records in a separate Oracle-based isue-tracking system.

Consultant to Tennessee Valley Authority: UCM ClearCase troubleshooting, customization and mentoring.

Consultant to USBank: ClearQuest and ClearCase customization and user support, including email notification customizations for ClearCase and ClearQuest, custom DB access scripts and schema designs for migrating users and records from other tools to ClearQuest, and design and scripting for automated administration of various Rational tools driven from a central ClearQuest database.

System Administration of WinNT, Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux machines. Web and email server administration.

Consultant to McData, Inc. Created a custom script package and custom schema, derived from the ReleaseTEAM ClearQuest/ClearCase Integration, providing UCM-like behavior with the flexibility required for McData's definition of changesets, and better responsiveness during user interactions than the Rational ClearQuest/ClearCase integration provides.

Consultant to Level 3. Developed and maintained automated build and delivery scripts, provided ClearCase user support and training, installed and administered ClearCase client machines, and established and maintained branching and merging and delivery policies for the various software packages developed and maintained by the group.

Access Health Group of McKessonHBOC.
CM Engineer, November 1996 ? August 2000

Development of tools for building, testing and deploying software and configuring test platforms. Administration of ClearCase and MultiSite on both UNIX and Windows NT

ClearDDTS, Forte, SourceSafe and PVCS Tracker administration. Troubleshooting development and build environments. Customized various tools, including the HTML interface for ClearDDTS, and an assortment of makefiles and scripts to port development in Perl, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Delphi and InstallShield. Generated installation packages for the resulting applications. Supported creation of custom reports.

Unidata, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer, February 1993-October 1996

Responsible for coordination and automation of source code control, software product builds on UNIX variants and Windows NT, and high level tools to automate regression testing and problem analysis. Developed software tools, which assembled a specific, recoverable set of the source components of a large, complex software product in a central location, and disseminated appropriately tailored copies of the source across a network. Managed project to migrate source code control, QA and development procedures from a SCCS base to ClearCase

AGS Information Systems, Inc.
Consultant, November 1984-January 1993

Development and support of administrative software tools for coordinating testing, of programs for automated testing. Lead writer of test plans. Investigated user-oriented system-level testing of large, complex system configurations. Liaison between the system test groups and the user documentation departments. Responsible for testing the following products at AT&T: network managers; GUI and text-based user interfaces; diagnostics and development tools; a messaging, multithreaded variant of the UNIX kernel; and OS utilities and device drivers including IO controllers, bus interfaces, disk and tape drivers, backup and configuration utilities, and X.25 and other communications drivers. Provided software maintenance and customer support for Windows and Presentation Manager, IBM VM and MVS mainframe publishing application packages, and for an OS/2 based editor for SGML documents, and associated utilities. LAN administrator for an OS/2 based LAN. Responsible for setup and troubleshooting services for OS/2 2.0, and development, communications and LAN software for several IBM software groups. Responsible for testing the functionality, user interface and documentation for an OS/2 based GUI editor for SGML documents.

National Link, Inc.
Subcontractor, January 1982 - November 1984

Developed detailed designs and user manuals for a normalized library network user interface, including parts of the design for the ISO/OSI Application and Presentation Layer Protocols, and mainframe interfaces.

NBI, Inc.
Software Engineer, July 1981 - May 1984

Developed and supported printer controllers, device drivers, and operating system kernel enhancements for a proprietary OS.


M.S. Computer Science, University of New Haven, 1981
B.A., Wesleyan University, 1976
Master of Library Science, University of Rhode Island, 1977
Spoken & Written Japanese, Metropolitan State College 1/90-6/91(4.0 average)
Technical Japanese, University of Colorado Extension Service 1991-92

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